Trust and confidence form the cornerstone of relationships between clients and their lawyers. Our clients trust us and are confident they will receive the highest quality legal services available. We believe our client’s best interests and needs are our own.

Our Commitment

Quality Our clients want and deserve the highest quality legal services, and we are committed to providing them. We will not compromise our performance for any reason.

Availability We understand that no legal matters are more crucial to our clients than those in which they are involved. We are available to clients based upon their schedules, rather than our convenience. We will not agree to handle a legal matter unless we can commit 100 percent of the time and effort it requires.

Communication We believe that clients are entitled to be fully informed and involved in our efforts on their behalf. Our clients should never have to request a status report or become frustrated by unreturned phone calls. The firm prides itself on timely communicating with our clients.

Integrity We will give our clients honest advice and our independent judgment, even if it is not what they would prefer to hear. We will ensure that our clients’ expectations are realistic and reasonable.

The Lawyer Different jobs require different tools. The firm is dedicated to recruiting those attorneys who have shown exceptional skill and dedication to the practice of law. The members of the firm are among the best in their respective areas of law. Being a full-service law firm, we are able to handle nearly every legal need, from traffic tickets to multi-million dollar class action cases. We are dedicated to matching our clients to the attorney or attorneys possessing the appropriate skill and experience level to provide the most cost-effective solution. All clients can expect to receive the highest quality advice, and if need be, the best courtroom representation.

The Solution Not all legal problems require “legal” solutions. We are committed to seeking proactive and innovative approaches to our clients’ problems, to preventing disputes whenever possible, and to resolving disputes quickly and economically when they cannot be prevented.

Cost-Effective Service We will explore fee arrangements that ensure quality, speed and efficiency. Our compensation will be based upon the value of our services to our clients and not solely upon hourly rates.