Our practice in adoptions includes both domestic and foreign-born adoptions.

In the traditional domestic setting, our firm provides counsel to birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents in a variety of domestic adoption settings including private, infant, sibling group, step-parent, grandparent, and relative adoptions. We also have experience with adoptions involving adult children.

In addition, we have extensive experience in the specialized subset of adoptions involving children born in foreign counties. Formalizing these adoptions in the state of the parents’ residence is necessary in order for the child to receive a domestic birth certificate showing the legal status of the adoptive parents and different formalization procedures are required depending upon the country involved. We have unique experience with these procedures and have worked with a number of national adoption agencies including Dillon International, Holt International, Nightlight Christian Services and Faith International, in assisting parents with formalization.

In both areas, we provide legal representation and support by guiding individuals and families at any stage of the adoption process. Every adoption is unique and our firm has the expertise and resources necessary to assist our clients during this particularly joyous but overwhelming time. Having a dependable and thoughtful attorney throughout your adoption journey, especially one who takes that journey as seriously as you do, can make all the difference.

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