Homeowners Association Law

Fleeson Gooing offers premium legal services to common interest communities throughout Wichita and the surrounding area. Our homeowners association team has broad experience in all areas of Kansas homeowners association law. We are a “one-stop-shop” for homeowners associations. We can tailor our services to satisfy your association’s particular needs.

Serving as a director on a neighborhood board is usually a volunteer position, and it is often thankless. Our attorneys can help you accomplish your goals while ensuring the smooth and lawful administration of your association.


  • Modernizing Outdated and/or Legally Deficient
    • Bylaws
    • Covenants
    • Neighborhood Rules
    • Design Guidelines
  • Covenant Interpretation & Enforcement
  • Collections and Liens
  • Amending Existing Covenants
  • Ensuring Proper Voting and Recording Procedures
  • Dispute Resolution
    • Association v. Homeowner
    • Master Association v. Neighborhood Association
    • Association v. Vendor
    • Association v. Developer
  • Ensuring Board Compliance with Kansas Law
  • Real Estate Title and Ownership Research
  • Annual & Special Meetings
    • Supporting the Board
    • Drafting Proposed Changes
    • Emergency Special Assessments
  • Review and Negotiation of Vendor Contracts
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