Fleeson Gooing has an extensive and sophisticated practice in the areas of federal, state and local taxation, including income, estate and gift, sales, property and unemployment taxation. Our Wichita tax lawyers advise individuals, partnerships, corporations, LLCs, trusts and other entities on planning strategies that suit their goals and minimize their ultimate tax burden.

Taxation is complex and evolves constantly as laws and policies change. It also requires deep knowledge of related practice areas, including business law and estate planning. As one of the largest law firms in the region, we can create a team of lawyers with the skills necessary to meet any tax planning or litigation matter.

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Services provided by our Wichita tax attorneys include:

  • Business tax planning, appeals, and litigation
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Preparing tax-oriented wills and trusts
  • Tax planning for business startups
  • Accumulated earnings tax and personal holding company matters
  • Compensation and employee benefit matters, ERISA, IRAs, stock option and stock bonus plans, deferred compensation and salary continuation arrangements, health and accident and other related fringe benefit plans
  • Preparation of federal estate tax and federal gift tax returns and Kansas estate tax returns
  • Income tax matters involving trusts, estates, decedents and beneficiaries
  • Installment sales and tax accounting methods, as well as tax-free exchanges
  • Obtaining letter and revenue rulings from taxing authorities
  • Taxation of tax-exempt entities
- Taxation - Fleeson Law

Tax Appeals and Litigation

Fleeson Gooing’s attorneys possess extensive experience in handling tax appeals before the Internal Revenue Service, Kansas Department of Revenue, Kansas Court of Tax Appeals, Kansas Department of Human Resources and local taxing authorities. They have litigated tax matters before state and federal district and appellate courts and the U.S. Tax Court.

Our tax litigation lawyers have been involved with issues as diverse as:

  • Successfully challenging the constitutionality of the Kansas intangibles tax before the Kansas Supreme Court.
  • Achieving property tax reductions and exemptions on business and educational property before the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals and state district and appellate courts.
  • Successfully challenging 35 years of U.S. Tax Court decisions and Internal Revenue rulings restricting the use of the income-forecast method of depreciation before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Tax and Estate Planning

Estate and tax planning go hand in hand. Our Wichita estate planning attorneys are well-versed in methods available to reduce gift, estate, generation-skipping, inheritance, excise and income taxes to preserve family assets and facilitate transfers of assets to succeeding generations. We also have extensive experience in retirement income taxation. Visit our Estate Planning page for more information.

Business Tax Planning, Appeals and Litigation

All companies, from small businesses to the largest corporations, have the same goal of minimizing their tax burden while avoiding tax mistakes. Countless strategies are available—some focused on the business itself, others on the business owner’s individual tax situation. Tax planning is an ongoing process that is constantly in flux due to the changing of tax laws. The counsel of an experienced tax attorney is invaluable.

Our team of business and tax attorneys has the skills to handle even the most complex business tax matters, including planning, appeals and litigation. For startups, they can offer guidance on the most advantageous tax structure to meet your operational and tax goals. For family businesses, our team can call on the knowledge of estate planning attorneys to handle matters of succession and asset transfer. Find out more about this practice area on our Business Law page.

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