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We believe our success as a firm is attributable to our skill in complex disputes that do not have simple resolutions. This is most evident in our corporate and commercial litigation practice, in which we are often involved in matters requiring strength and staying power which many firms do not possess. We are prepared to organize and dedicate a team of commercial litigation attorneys in Wichita who have an appropriate mix of skills and experience to such litigation.

Our commercial litigation lawyers have long been active in difficult and complex corporate and commercial litigation. We have litigated matters involving shareholder disputes, intellectual property disputes, antitrust matters, securities matters, contract disputes, and construction disputes. We also have considerable experience in assisting both consumers and businesses faced with issues arising under the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other state and federal consumer protection legislation.

In the recent past, our corporate litigation lawyers in Wichita have:

  • On behalf of a large financial institution, created precedent which recognized the right of creditors to enforce valid contractual obligations without fear of retaliatory tort litigation.
  • Successfully recovered damages and injunctive relief for businesses who have suffered loss of intellectual property and computer programs to competitors.
  • Represented a health care system accused of antitrust violations and obtained a complete vindication of the system and its subsidiaries.
  • Represented a general contractor in recovering delay damages in connection with a construction project at a major university.
  • Successfully represented a national accounting firm resulting in appellate court decision limiting the duties of accountants.

Commercial litigation isn’t just about businesses going into court in order to sue each other; it is an area of law that focuses on any legal proceeding that involves businesses or corporations. It can include managing business disputes, taking steps to avoid litigation, as well as the actual litigation. Generally, commercial litigation involves an array of tort and contract issues, though it has also come to encompass ensuring compliance with both federal and state regulations and dealing with federal regulators.

Our commercial litigation law firm has the expertise needed to handle all the legal problems that your business may face. Whether you are dealing with employment disputes, intellectual property issues, breaches of contract, or commercial lease issues, among others, you can rely on our highly competent lawyers to work with you.

At our commercial litigation law firm in Wichita, we have a highly experienced team of lawyers who are all ready and willing to represent your case. If you are searching for a corporate litigation lawyer to fight for you, choose a law firm with success as its foundation and call the lawyers with Fleeson Gooing Coulson & Kitch, L.L.C.
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